Role of Children’s Services Committees

Children′s Services Committees (CSCs) are a structure for bringing together a diverse group of agencies in local county areas to engage in joint planning of services for children. All major organisations and agencies working locally on behalf of children and young people are represented on the CSCs. These committees are responsible for improving the lives of children and families at local and community level through integrated planning, working and service delivery. They also ensure that professionals and agencies work together to ensure that children and their families receive improved and accessible services. The overall purpose of the CSCs is to secure better developmental outcomes for children. CSCs do this by:

  • coordinating the implementation of national and regional policies and strategies that relate to children, young people and families in the area covered by the CSC;
  • planning and coordinating services for children in the area covered by the CSC in order to improve outcomes for children;
  • eliminating fragmentation and duplication of services by ensuring more effective collaboration between children, young people and family services within the area;
  • influencing the allocation of resources across the area covered by the CSC with a view to enabling the effective use of resources at local level;
  • strengthening the decision-making capacity at local level.

To date 16 CSCs have been established in : Donegal, Dublin City, Limerick, South Dublin, Carlow, Fingal, Kerry, Kildare, Longford /Westmeath, Louth, Cavan /Monaghan, Meath, Waterford, Wicklow, Sligo /Leitrim and South Tipperary

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